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The Beautifully Series

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Beautifully Shattered

What would you do if your world fell apart right before your eyes? If everything you held dear was stolen before you had a chance to say goodbye, would you give up or keep fighting?


Adalynn Maxwell didn't decide to give up. She was robbed of her choice.

After years of therapy, Adalynn finally wants to move on and her brother's sexy best friend Jax lures her further out of her shell. But she doesn’t understand his game and he changes the rules at every turn, making her fall into the waiting arms of the mysterious Doctor Kohen Daniels, whom she can’t seem to avoid. She’s terrified of trusting him, but something about him makes her want to bare her soul.

Adalynn is desperate for that all-consuming love she reads about, but doesn't believe she deserves it. Her desperation to prove to Jax that she isn’t a little girl anymore may
ruin her forever. One wrong decision can change her entire future.

She has one last choice to make, but will it be ripped away from her like everything else? Will she pay the ultimate price?

Releasing December 01, 2023

Beautifully Mended

They met when they were children. They became best friends in secret. Then, under the veil of night, they became more. He promised to love her in this life and the next, to do whatever it took to protect her, even if it destroyed him in the process.

Shortly after her seventeenth birthday, Adalynn Maxwell woke up in a hospital bed, only to find her whole world had collapsed. She’d lost everything that mattered most to her.

Her parents.
Her sister.
Her memories.
Her first love.

Now, six years later, she’s found herself there again. Back in the hospital. Lost and terrified. And worried that she’ll never move on from her latest mistake. Doctor Kohen Daniels was supposed to be her second chance at happiness. She thought he’d be the one to free her from her past, the one to bare her soul to, the one to save her. 

Whereas Jaxon Chandler has always been the man Adalynn loved but shouldn’t. Their relationship nothing more than a series of stolen, passion-filled moments. He’s the keeper of all her secrets, of all her memories. Once upon a time, Jaxon Chandler was everything to Adalynn Maxwell… until he wasn’t.

Forgetting was easier, so she locked away the truth. She thought the worst thing she’d survived was sitting by while her family died, helpless to do anything but watch. Now that she’s finally ready to face the reality of that night, Adalynn is forced into mourning all over again.

She always thought love would be enough. But as she unburies all the ghosts from her past, she realizes Jax was right. Love is just part of it, and trust is everything.

So, when it’s all said and done, when every last secret has been revealed, who can Adalynn Maxwell really trust? When she can't even trust herself…

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